Market Feasibility

Market Dynamics – Our client experienced challenges marketing a regional lifestyle mall near Fort Hood. Portmanteau’s defined the underlying trade area factors including relative economic stability and growth potential, workforce dynamics, trade area demographics and competitive analysis.  Our report was utilized to answer potential buyer questions related to the long term vitality of the trade area. This contributed to the successful sale at a significant increase in projected sales price.

Market Opportunity and Development – Portmanteau co-authored a feasibility report for a 120-acre greenfield mixed use development. Our team refined market feasibility to add specific local and regional context and market dynamics. This enabled our client to define what the “missing ingredients” required to establish the corporate office environment the municipality had been unsuccessful in establishing for 20+ years.

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Strategic Development Services​

Mixed Use – Our client engaged us to manage the entitlement process for a $150 million mixed use development. Portmanteau was responsible for preparation of zoning code, project team management, community outreach and public hearing presentation. The project included a dynamic mix of Class A office and multi family, hotel, restaurant and innovative open space. 

Multifamily – Our team refined existing zoning to increase density and add retail components desired by the municipality. Additionally, Portmanteau managed the public hearing process to successfully address opposition. 

Residential – Successfully supported a national home builder to establish a unique neighborhood built around an existing urban forest. This required Portmanteau to design a strategy to successfully increase density, manage the entitlement process including zoning code development, project team management, community outreach and public hearing presentation. 

Commercial – Prior to our team’s engagement, this retail and office development had been stalled in the entitlement phase for two years. By working closely with the municipal staff and the community, Portmanteau was able to complete the entitlement phase within 4 months. Our team continued to manage the project through platting. 

Innovative Community Planning -
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