Market Feasibility 

Most feasibility studies are based on "conventional wisdom" and identify likely opportunities if nothing changes in the local community.  But isn't the point of every development to change and enhance the community?  

At Portmanteau we take market feasibility studies to the next level.  Traditional feasibility studies review the current conditions and examine the assets available to be built upon. Portmanteau goes further and defines the missing ingredients that, if supplied, will dynamically transform the current market.

Small Business Environment Analysis

Every municipality wants their small businesses to succeed. Towns and cities routinely offer lucrative incentive packages to large companies but struggle to find ways to effectively assist the small businesses in their communities.

Portmanteau will do a complete analysis of your town or city's small business environment including regulation, market potential, economic development incentives and population demographics in order to design a robust strategy for partnering with and growing small businesses.

Strategic Development Services

Even the best development projects must be communicated effectively to ensure success.  This requires a deep understanding of the community's goals and needs for growth and attitude toward development.  At Portmanteau, we take the time to get to know not just the local government officials and staff but the community.  Understanding the local environment is vital to enable the design of a vibrant project that meets specific community needs and to successfully communicate the vision to government officials and community stakeholders.  ‚Äč

From developing zoning standards to designing effective communication strategies, our team is here to support you.

Innovative Community Planning

A Community Vision Plan defines a community's mission and goals for the future.  It answers the question "Who do we want our constituents(residents, businesses and visitors) to be in 10, 20 and 30 years and what(homes, recreation, shopping, culture, technology, education levels, services etc.) will be required to serve them?"

This is distinctly different than a comprehensive plan that defines land use and infrastructure.  By defining a Community Vision Plan first, a comprehensive plan can be developed that defines land use and infrastructure needs that enable a community to achieve its mission and goals.

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